Welcome to the Enfield Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Our aim is to raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people and to take actions that put pressure on Israel to stop the abuses of human rights committed against the Palestinians on a routine basis.

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27/12/19 Mondoweiss: A decade in review: the moments that shaped the past 10 years in Israel/Palestine

25/12/19 Visualizing Palestine: SOME COUNTRIES NEVER FACE SANCTIONS

23/12/19 Addameer: Addameer Collects Hard Evidence on Torture and Ill-Treatment Committed against Palestinian Detainees at Israeli Interrogation Centers

21/12/19: Reuters: ICC to probe alleged war crimes in Palestinian areas, pending jurisdiction

21/12/19 OCHA: Protection of Civilians Report | 26 November - 9 December 2019

17/12/19 Haaretz: Vacation Days for New Targets: Israeli Officers on Bombing Gaza, Casualties and Political Pressure

17/12/19 Human Rights Watch: Israel/West Bank: Grant Palestinians Equal Rights

16/12/19 Jerusalem Post: Boris Johnson to pass anti-BDS law, official says


12/12/19 Addameer: Monthly Newsletter —November 2019

9/12/19 War on Want: Anniversary of the First Intifada in Palestine

7/12/19 Haaretz: These Boys Would Have Made It Home After School, if It Weren't for Israeli Sniper Fire

18/11/19 Addameer: Annual Violations report 2018

12/11/19 Addameer: Monthly Newsletter - October 2019

10/11/19 Visualising Palestine: Some countries never face sanctions

3/11/19 OCHA: Protection of Civilians Report | 15 - 28 October 2019

28/10/19 BDS: Norway’s capital Oslo is banning Israeli settlement goods and services

20/8/19 Times of Israel: Israel actively pushing Palestinian emigration from Gaza, official says

20/8/19 International Solidarity Movement: Water Series: Hail of tear gas on peaceful villagers protesting settler theft of water supply in Kafr Malik

17/8/19 B'Tselem: Guided tour in Hebron

8/8/19 B'Tselem: June 2019: Another month of routine settler violence fully backed by the military

4/8/19 Observer: ‘I called out Palestinian suffering – and was met by antisemitic abuse’

25/7/19 +972: WATCH: A dark night in Wadi al-Hummus

22/7/19 Al Jazeera: Israel demolishes Palestinian homes near separation wall

21/7/19 Hamoked:  Israel currently holds 456 Palestinians in administrative detention; 137 of them have been detained without charge or trial for over a year

21/7/19 Observer: By the Jaffa Gate, final showdown looms in battle over Jerusalem’s historic hotel

18/7/19 +972: 'To ask an Arab student to internalize this is a way of humiliating him'

18/7/19 B'Tselem: Contrary to military statement: ‘Abd a-Rahman a-Shteiwi, 9, was shot in the head with live ammunition

15/7/19 B'Tselem: Israeli military denies ambulance access to a Palestinian patient's home

9/7/19 B'Tselem: Human rights organizations based in Israel voice concern before Bundestag president over motion defining BDS as antisemitism

1/7/19 Palinfo: In three days, one Palestinian killed, 95 injured in J'lem

16/6/19 Middle East Monitor: 550 Palestinians to be homeless after Israel demolishes entire Jerusalem neighbourhood

12/6/19 HuffPost: ‘Why I, A Palestinian, Want Young Jews to Boycott Birthright’

12/6/19 B'Tselem: Deliberately targeting homes in Gaza, Israel kills 13 civilians, 2 of them minors


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