Welcome to the Enfield Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Our aim is to raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people and to take actions that put pressure on Israel to stop the abuses of human rights committed against the Palestinians on a routine basis.

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    Group AGM at Hadi's
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22/6/17 PSC: Government suffers defeat in court by Palestine campaigners over boycott, divestment and sanctions

20/6/17 Middle East Monitor: Israel continues blockade on Palestinian town for fourth day

20/6/17 Haaretz: 70% Rise in Building Starts in West Bank Settlements During 2016-17

19/6/17 +972: Humanitarian crisis looms as Israel cuts Gaza's electricity

12/6/17 Independent: Benjamin Netanyahu to crack down on Israeli human rights groups

11/6/17 B'Tselem: Settler violence: Lack of accountability Settlers attack Huwarah homes, wounding three, including 68-yr-old woman tending sheep near home

8/6/17 Gulf News: Gaza power cuts wreak havoc on environment

8/6/17 Guardian: UN human rights chief calls for end to Israel's occupation of Palestine

7/6/17 Middle East Monitor: Israeli settlers set up illegal outpost in West Bank

7/6/17 Independent: UK urged to ban 'tainted' imports from illegal Israeli settlements on 50th anniversary of Six Day War

6/6/17 PSC: A Labour government if elected on June 9th will immediately recognise the state of Palestine.

5/6/17 Al Jazeera: HRW condemns Israel's '50 years of occupation abuses'

27/5/17 Al Jazeera: Palestinian prisoners in Israel suspend hunger strike

19/5/17 The Nation:  FIFA Punts on Palestine and Fouls Its Own Bylaws

16/5/17 Guardian: Israel-Palestine: the real reason there’s still no peace

15/5/17 B'Tselem: Israel bars thousands of Palestinians from traveling abroad; many other don’t even bother to make the attempt

7/5/17 Guardian: Israeli ministers back proposed law demoting Arabic language

3/5/17 Middle East Monitor: 3,500 Palestinians without water as Israel destroys water pipelines

3/5/17 Middle East Monitor: Thousands desert HP over links to Israeli occupation

22/4/17 Electronic Intifada: Israel punishes hunger strikers for demanding their rights

21/4/17 Amnesty International: Israel must end ‘unlawful and cruel’ policies towards Palestinian prisoners

21/4/17 DCI Palestine: Palestinian children held in solitary confinement for longer periods

21/4/17 OCHA: Shutdown of Gaza’s power plant jeopardizes the delivery of basic services

21/4/17 Middle East Monitor: Report: Escalation of Israel’s racist laws against Palestinians


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